Friday, August 8, 2008

A Tokyo ragbag

Let's see. What's in MyPictures. Hmm, hmm.

Is this guy depressed because he couldn't find the book he wanted, or is he groaning from the weight of books in his backpack? Or does he look like this all the time?

This I'd never seen before. A bookstore with so many books that it has shelves in the street. There's an awning and a curtain, nothing else.

Some of the bookshops also sell Japanese prints, original and otherwise. Notice how the Amateur Photographer artfully preserves his anonymity by not photographing his reflection.

Now this seems too be a giant loaf of bread baked by ma femme just before I left for Japan. Why do I have this photo with me? Why didn't I bring any slices with me?

I need to get out and take some more photos of Tokyo.


  1. Did she bake the bread by doing the thing where you let it rise for 24 hours then bake it in a preheated dutch oven inside your regular kitchen oven? Because that totally works, my friend, and makes really good bread. On the other hand, it is more likely that she is a really good baker and could make that lovely loaf no matter what the technique.
    Looks like you are having fun! But come home soon anyway! Strange doings are afoot, about which I need to tell you! Some of these involve Massenet, others involve Dr. Johnson, all involve odd coincidences that have some tangential connection to 19-century writers. Oy. -- L.

  2. I'm pretty sure the bread was baked with some sort of authentic French peasant method, discounting the electric mixer and gas oven.

  3. I love going into bookstores in foreign lands. There are some terrific ones in Paris, too.

  4. I don't think I really poked around in bookstores in Paris, aside from Presence Africaine, in the couple of times I was there. I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

    Is there an arrondisement with a nice cluster of them?

  5. The Latin Quater has the most. Two English language ones, one Canadian and one American (Shakespeare and Co.) And many French ones including one that has four floors.