Friday, August 7, 2009

Thoughts of home aching across such distances

Out on the Road, Skies Clearing

Though I've left Pa's ridge rain behind,
I'm still not free of Shu's muddy slopes

when skies open out, late light aslant,
mountain peaks breaching low clouds.

In grasses, everywhere, rainfall glistens.
Trickles keep streams swelling. Tonight,

a cold moon will light thoughts of home
aching across such distances, distances.

Meng Hao-Jan (689-740), from The Mountain Poems of Meng Hao-jan, tr. David Hinton, a very attractive book.

I'm still wandering about. Skies open out, late light aslant.

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  1. Beautiful poem--and I love that late afternoon light. Your home misses you, too.