Monday, September 21, 2009

Wuthering Expectations: Its Origin, Development, Decline, and Residuary Influence

Why, it's my birthday. Two years of Wuthering Expectations. Last year, I celebrated with Wuthering Heights. Logically, this year it should be Great Expectations. Yeah, maybe next year.

Since it's a holiday, you will please forgive the self-indulgence. Sonny Rollins gave one of his great recent albums a great, unapologetic title: This Is What I Do (2000).

This is what I do:

The Hawthorne graph. The Poe graph.

I often think in terms of weeks. Jane Eyre week wasn't bad, for example: books, chronologyfairies, Helen, revenge.

Golem Week was actually only four days long, but seemed to go well.

The 19th Century Yiddish Literature Project wraps up here. And there's more where that came from.

The Big Balzac Blowout begins here and ends here. That was 11 posts. I don't want to link them all. Balzac.

A Watched Plot Never Spoils, and Appreciationism, explained, attacked, and defended.

A year end hobbyhorse: 1807, 1808, 1818, 1828. The story for 1809 will be exactly the same, but that won't stop me.

I prefer Mansfield Park to Pride and Prejudice.

What is poetry for?

The Senegalese reading list might be useful to someone.

My ego is sufficiently well developed that I might just put this post in a permanent sidebar. And yet, I do not actually expect anyone to read any of this. It's an aid to the idly curious. Mostly, despite the evidence of the past week, I write about books. So the second-smartest thing is to click on the label to see what damage I have done to your favorite writer (e.g., STIFTER Adalbert).

The smartest thing is to stay off of the dang internet in the first place.

That title, by the way, is pinched from an actual book that bibliographing Nicole found (see her comments).


  1. Happy birthday, AR... You're about three weeks older than I am, blogwise. I guess now we're in the terrible twos!

  2. Happy anniversary! Thanks for posting this -- I had missed somehow your post on Golems.

  3. No decline yet! Happy birthday and great links -- good fun seeing the good stuff from "before my time."

  4. Happy anniversary! Those graphs are pretty hilarious. I love how you ornamented them with illustrations of authors' career high points. :-)

  5. Happy blog birthday! Wuthering Expectations is among my favorite literary blogs. Always a great read.

    And the Poe graph is very funny.
    *scampers away to read Austen posts*

  6. Happy anniversary! I'm not that smart, or I'd be on the couch reading a novel right now, but that's okay -- I'm glad I'm on the computer reading you!

  7. What fine well-wishing.

    But I don't understand the comment about the Poe graph being funny. That's science. Factual, science-based, literary science. Ask any scientician. He'll tell you.

    This might be a good place to mention that I originally wanted to use, in place of a picture of a raven, a picture of Raven-Symoné, or something else related to That's So Raven. But since I was already using a photo of Usher, I deferred. Was I wrong?

    Dorothy, that comment was definitely self-directed!

  8. Was I wrong?

    Only if you were going to go with the ultra-cute Cosby-era version.

  9. I'll add my voice to the chorus and say congratulations on your anniversasy!

  10. Happy 2-year anniversary! *I'm* going to skim some of your archives, because I'm new around here.

  11. Happy belated 2nd anniversary! I loved golem week and your Balzac posts have had me *this close* to picking up one of his novels on a few occasions. One of these days I actually will :)

  12. I too prefer Mansfield Park to Pride and Prejudice.

  13. Someday I'll do a Mansfield Park vs Pride and Prejudice faceoff. Everyone will win.

  14. I am happy I found your blog or rather that Richard recommended it. It is great. Lucky me, I haven't read Mansfield Park yet. Something to look forward too then.