Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving Day

For the Amateur Reader, not for Wuthering Expectations.  Posting will be intermittent or non-existent until life becomes less kerfoozled.

Does it feed the little lake below?
     The speck of white just on its marge
Is Pella; see, in the evening-glow,
     How sharp the silver spear-heads charge
When Alp meets heaven in snow!

Robert Browning, “By the Fire-side,” Men and Women, 1855. Stanza IX


  1. Best of luck, especially with all the books I suspect you have. Come back soon!

  2. Books are so much fun to move. It's like what C.S. Lewis says about moving in Shadowlands, something about how he hasn't moved house for 25 years but he remembers it like it was yesterday.

  3. My sympathies...I mean, good luck!

  4. Thanks for the kind wishes. A few books.

    I seem to have an internet connection again.